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You can listen to our streams in iTunes after downloading a ".PLS" file.

How to listen online

You can use either our online player by clicking the "Listen Live" button on the right of this page or by using one of the following methods.

Our audio stream is based on open-standards so as to provide the highest possible quality of sound, while consuming the least possible bandwidth, using readily available industry-standard technologies.

Our resultant streams are MPEG 2.5 layer III, 16kbps, 11025Hz, mono for low-bandwidth users, and MPEG I layer III, 128kbps, 44100Hz, stereo for high-bandwidth users. The encoding is accomplished with LAME.

Your feedback is welcomed!

Click one of the following links to listen to WUGA live.

WUGA Live-lo (M3U file) [Low Bandwidth (16kbps)]

WUGA Live-hi (M3U file) [High Bandwidth (128kbps)]

Recommended software:
• Windows: WinAmp, Zinf Audio Player
• Macintosh: iTunes
• Unix: XMMS, Zinf Audio Player

The Live links, above, point to playlist files. When you click on one of the
links, your browser should call on your preferred media player, which should
then open the playlist and connect to the stream address contained in the
playlist.If your browser is not configured to handle this type of file, it may simply
display the contents of the playlist, which looks like this:

If your browser does not handle playlist files correctly, you may have
better luck by copying one of the following addresses and pasting it into
your player:

High Bandwidth:
Low Bandwidth:

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