Candidates Montgomery and Winfield on Tabitha Johnson-Green Win

May 24, 2018

In a sweep that surprised many, Tabitha Johnson-Green easily defeated candidates Chalis Montgomery and Richard Dien Winfield in the Democratic primary for the 10th congressional district on Tuesday.

Both Montgomery and Winfield conceded via their official candidate Facebook pages on Wednesday.

Montgomery said she was not disappointed in the outcome of the primary. “We truly did make history, running two women for a seat that has gone uncontested for ages.”

Winfield thanked his supporters and said the campaign succeeded in “bringing into the center of public debate… an agenda anchored in guaranteed jobs at fair wages.”


Johnson-Green received more than 16,000 votes, winning every county in the district except for Oconee and Barrow, which were won by Montgomery, and Clarke, which Winfield won by six votes over Montgomery.

Winfield and Montgomery received nearly 8,000 and 9,000 votes, respectively.

In November, Johnson-Green will run against Republican incumbent Jody Hice who received 42,000 votes.