Jackson County Receives Insurance Dividend

Jun 12, 2018

Jackson County has received a share of a $3.2 million insurance dividend. The Board of Trustees of the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia-Ineterlocal Ricks Management Agency declared the amount of $62,955; which is the largest in the organization’s history. According to a Jackson County media release, the funds will be applied in the form a of credit toward customers’ property and liability premium for the 2018-2019 policy year.

The nonprofit county government-owned insurance fund has provided property and liability insurance to it members since 1987. The fund is owned by the Georgia participants and is managed by a Board of Trustees who represent participating Georgia counties.

“The ACCG-IRMA has returned a total of #31.6 million in dividends to its members,” said David Uhlman, Director of ACCG’s Property & Casualty Programs.