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The WUGA Health Desk presents a weekly program, Georgia Health Report, focused on health news and issues facing Georgians. The program features news and commentary from Andy Miller of Georgia Health News and is hosted by UGA College of Public Health health writer Lauren Baggett. 

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Text neck: A new condition for the smartphone era

Sep 21, 2018

Have you been experiencing a bit of stiffness in your neck and upper back? Do you own a smartphone? If you do, you may be among the growing number of people with ‘text neck.’ Georgia Health News editor Andy Miller decided to take a deeper look after his own experience with this new condition. Read more.

This week on the Georgia Health Report, host Lauren Baggett gets the scoop from Andy on text neck and how smartphone is affecting our health.

SWGA county losing only pharmacy

Sep 14, 2018

Amidst a trend of rural hospital closings and doctor shortages, Clay County in southwest Georgia is losing its only drug store. Residents are "heartsick" over the closing, and the county's only doctor is concerned about the gap it will leave in the community's healthcare network. Read more.

This week, host Lauren Baggett and Andy Miller of Georgia Health News discuss what it means for a rural community when a pharmacy is difficult to access.

Opioids becoming bigger threat to older adults

Sep 10, 2018

Though the majority of opioid overdose deaths affect younger people, older adults remain the heaviest users of opioid medications. And a steadily growing number of opioid-related deaths among older adults has experts concerned. Read more.

This week, host Lauren Baggett and Andy Miller of Georgia Health News discuss how the opioid crisis is affecting older Americans and what health providers are doing to help.

Grady brings mental health services to primary care

Aug 31, 2018
Georgia Health News

Though an estimated one-quarter of patients deal with issues like depression or anxiety, many don’t seek out help. Read more.


On this week’s Georgia Health Report, host Lauren Baggett and Andy Miller discuss how Grady Health System in Atlanta is bringing mental health care to regular doctor’s visits.


Drug donation program helps Georgians afford medicine

Aug 24, 2018
Georgia Health News

As the price of prescriptions skyrockets, more people are choosing to forgo necessary medications because they can't afford them. A 2014 New York Times/CBS News poll found that 25 percent of families were skipping doses due to cost, and a recent study said the same thing about 17 percent of Georgia families.