Eating Insects Athens

'Eating Insects Athens' Conference Underway

40 minutes ago

The Eating Insects Athens conference is underway at the University of Georgia. The conference features speakers, panel discussions, an art expo and artist market among other offerings. Experts include academics, researchers and insect producers. Cheryl Powers is found of Jord Producers in Nebraska.

She’s in Athens because she plans to start producing mealworms in the coming weeks. She’d like to learn about the best methods and practices available.

Insect agriculture advocates are inviting the public to try some insect cuisine. Free snacks are more will be available at Creature Comforts Insect Curiosity Corner and Family Film Festival tomorrow.

Dr. Marianne Shockley is an academic professional at UGA.

Athens, Georgia’s growing reputation as a gastronomic capital attracts culinary tourists from all over the Southeast. This summer, the city will welcome a new type of culinary enthusiasm. 

They won’t be after barbecue or biscuits. They’ll be here for the bugs. 


Eating Insects Athens, held by the North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture, will draw hundreds of insect agriculture and insect gastronomy advocates to Athens from Aug. 13 to 15.