Georgia Department of Labor

FedEx, Georgia Department of Labor Hiring in Athens

Aug 13, 2018

The Georgia Department of Labor is helping FedEx hire staff for its facility near the city. The company is looking for package handlers and non-package handlers with stating pay that begins at $12.50 or $13 per hour.

People looking for jobs wanting to attend the event should visit the department’s job listing service to create an account to prepare or submit a resume. According to the labor department, having an Employ Georgia account speeds up the interview process.

Northeast Georgia Labor Force Hits Record High

Aug 3, 2018

The Northeast Georgia region’s labor force and number of employed has risen in June to record highs as summer job seekers hit the market, according to Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler. This has also caused a slight increase in the unemployment rate, but indicators remain positive for the year. Butler said recent high school and college graduates entering the workforce cause this increase and he remains confident in the overall job market.The number of employed residents in the region is up 160 from the previous month and up 10,641 for the year.

Georgia Labor Market Sets Records in June

Jul 19, 2018

Georgia Unemployment was down for the month of June and the state also set records for employed residents, labor force and jobs. Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler says while the national unemployment rate was up slightly in June, Georgia continues to see that number drop.

Northeast Georgia set a record high for employment during the month of May. State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler’s office released the numbers today. Butler says the area also saw an increase in the size of the labor force and a decrease in the unemployment rate-both positive indicators.

“We saw the unemployment rate fall by two-tenths a point bringing that rate down to 3.3 percent,” according to Butler.

The rate is down from 4.3 percent a year agon.

The Georgia Department of Labor is helping Hitachi Automotive fill positions in their Monroe facility.

A hiring event will be held June 21 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Athens Career Center, 150 Evelyn C. Neely Drive, Athens.

Representatives will be interviewing for materials handlers, CNC operators, and maintenance technicians.

Job seekers interested in attending the event may visit to create an account and upload, or prepare, a resume. Having an Employ Georgia account expedites the interview process.