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The Clarke County Board of Education passed this year's budget and adopted a revised teacher evaluation policy.

Board of education members unanimously approved the $171 million budget for the 2022 fiscal year as well as a millage rate of 20 mills--same as last year. A point of contention, however, was the revision of the district's teacher evaluation policy, which needed to be passed by the end of the month to comply with a new state law that takes effect on July 1st.


The pandemic has had a huge impact on Athens’ thriving performing arts community. Jeffrey Martin, Director of the University of Georgia Performing Arts Center, sat down with WUGA's Robin Whetstone to talk about the pandemic and the PAC’s plans to reopen

Athens News Matters: Safety of Pets in Abusive Homes

21 hours ago
Photo: cdc.org

Sometimes, in instances of domestic abuse, women have to leave their homes quickly for their own safety. But how about the safety of beloved pets?

It’s 11PM on Saturday, April 24th. The rain that had been falling most of the day has blown through, and that’s good news.

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Listen to the conversation.

As vaccination numbers continue to rise, more rural counties face their own public health challenges. Zach Mitcham from the Madison County Journal spoke to Chris Shupe about how his county is managing the vaccination effort.

This week on Athens News Matters:



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President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will not have a joint news conference after they meet in Geneva next week, according to a White House official.

Biden will instead hold a solo press conference after Wednesday's meeting, which will include a working session and a smaller session.

When Richard and Mildred Loving awoke in the middle of the night a few weeks after their June, 1958 wedding, it wasn't normal newlywed ardor. There were policemen with flashlights in their bedroom. They'd come to arrest the couple.

"They asked Richard who was that woman he was sleeping with? I say, I'm his wife, and the sheriff said, not here you're not. And they said, come on, let's go, Mildred Loving recalled that night in the HBO documentary The Loving Story.

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President Daniel Ortega continues to crack down on political opponents, jailing at least seven potential challengers in November's presidential election.

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