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Our panel breaks down the week in news and politics, discussing local and state eviction relief, potential redistricting lawsuits, and more.


Dr. Tracey Tuberville, of UGA’s Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, has been awarded the 2021 Christine Stevens Wildlife Award for her efforts to reintroduce Eastern box turtles into the wild.

WUGA's Chris Shupe talks with Dr. Tuberville about her thoughts about receiving an award recognizing innovative, less intrusive wildlife study techniques, and learn more about her work with turtles that have been recovered from the illegal wildlife trade.

On Saturday, activists in and around Athens will travel to the site of a Watkinsville lynching to memorialize the victims, and to raise awareness about a crime that has been largely forgotten.

100 years ago, December 4th, 1921, three black men - Aaron Birdsong, Wes Hale, and George Lowe - were murdered; lynched by a mob not far from downtown Watkinsville. It wasn't the first lynching in this area. There was a mass lynching with 9 victims in Watkinsville in 1905.


This December the Performing Arts Center, celebrates the holidays - and its 25th season - with an eclectic mix of artists and entertainers. From a bluegrass Christmas to big-band jazz with Wynton Marsalis, the PAC’s 2021 Holiday Music Festival has something to help everyone celebrate the season.


As the holidays approach and tax season looms, requests for assistance from charitable organizations are on the rise. There’s more than one way to give to an organization, though.

Money may be precious, but in today’s overscheduled world, there’s another resource that may be even more valuable than your dollars - your time.

Whether you’ve got the spirit of the season, or are simply looking for a tax write-off, how do you know what is the best way to help a cause you care about? Is it better to help a charity by donating your time as a volunteer, or by opening your wallet?

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Athens News Matters

This week on Athens News Matters, an expert on disease modeling, Dr. John Drake, sits down with Chris Shupe to discuss the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus as well as how scientists can not only track, but anticipate disease outbreaks.

This week on Athens News Matters, Chris Shupe sits down with vaccine expert Dr. Ashley Hannings to clarify what you need to know about booster shots, as well as whether parents should delay vaccination for their children.

This week on Athens News Matters, Clarke County voters overwhelmingly approved a $120 million continuation of the one percent sales tax to fund education improvements. Chris Shupe sits down with the chief of operations for the Clarke County School District to discuss what school district officials have planned for the new revenue. Lauren Baggett and Dr.



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Pam and Barry Van Dyck have been dreaming of leaving behind the snow in Grand Rapids, Mich., and going someplace warm and adventurous for their 50th wedding anniversary, "with zip-lining, snorkeling, rivers in caves, amphibious vehicles and waterslides," Pam Van Dyck says.

Of course, those aren't activities just for them, but for their children and grandchildren too, as the retired couple wants to celebrate a half-century together with their entire family.

In what the city says is "a first in the nation measure," New York City is now mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for all private sector employers, effective Dec. 27.

But elsewhere, federal vaccine rules aimed at some 100 million private sector and health care workers are tied up in a legal morass, with multiple courts now blocking the rules even as the first deadlines have arrived.

More people died of malaria in 2020 than in 2019. Here's why

43 minutes ago

El Salvador and China have now been declared malaria-free.

That's one of the encouraging takeaways from the new annual report on malaria issued on Monday by the World Health Organization. But the sobering news is that despite progress in some countries, this debilitating and lethal disease took a greater toll in 2020 than in the recent past.

The Biden administration will not send any diplomatic or official representatives to Beijing for next year's Winter Olympics, the White House announced Monday.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that given the "ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity" in the Xinjiang region of China, the United States would not have an official diplomatic presence at the 2022 Games.

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