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Arbor Day Trees/Georgia Power Planting Zones

Feb 15, 2019
Georgia Power

The Athens Housing Authority holding a tree planting in the Broadacres Community this Arbor Day. 18 large shade trees will be added to the community’s landscape.

Brett Ganas, Director of the Grounds Department at UGA, was among those taking part.

“This is a part of our Tree campus USA certification program,” Ganas said. “We were awarded for the 9th consecutive year and it is a distinguishing honor that the Arbor Day foundation awards to campuses all over the country.”

Ganas helped plant one of three Kousa Dogwood trees.

ESP's Annual Big Hearts at Bat Fundraiser

Feb 15, 2019

Extra Special People recently held its Big hearts at Bat fundraiser at the Classic Center. The numbers are in and the event raised $200,000 at the banquet, surpassing the $110,000 goal.

The 12th annual pageant also raised about $150,000 at the performance and silent auction. Laura Whitaker is ESP’s Executive Director.

Georgia Bill Would Replace State's Aging Voting Machines

Feb 15, 2019
AP Photo/Mike Stewart, File

A wide-ranging bill moving Georgia to voting machines with electronic ballot markers that print a paper record has been introduced in the Georgia House.

The legislation, filed Thursday, follows recommendations from a commission that wrapped in January. But it disregards advice from cybersecurity experts who say hand-marked paper ballots would be the cheapest and most secure alternative.

Georgia Bill Would Allow Medical Marijuana Production

Feb 15, 2019

Georgia may soon allow the production and sale of low-potency medical marijuana oil within the state.

The new measure, introduced Thursday in the Georgia House, would give patients who are already allowed to possess low potency marijuana oil access to the product. It would close a loophole created by the state's 2015 medical marijuana law that allowed patients to possess the drug but provided no real way to obtain it.

New Athens Neighborhood Health Center Grand Opening

Feb 15, 2019
John Roark, The Athens-Banner Herald

Athens Neighborhood Health Center will celebrate the grand opening of its new pharmacy on Tuesday. Mayor Kelly Girtz will preside over the Feb. 19 open house.

Tours of the new location will be conducted all day from 8 p.m. to 6 p.m. with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 11 a.m.

The ANHC pharmacy is able to provide “drastically reduced drug prices,” thanks to subsidies from pharmaceutical manufacturers and the federal government.

Patients with maintenance drugs costing as much as $600 to $900 monthly have seen reductions to $150 to $200 monthly, according to ANHC.

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