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What's making us happy: A guide for your weekend listening and viewing

Jay Baruchel as Josh in <em>Man Seeking Woman.</em>
Michael Gibson
Jay Baruchel as Josh in Man Seeking Woman.

This week the U.S. Senate votedto make daylight saving time permanent, The Godfather turned 50 and the Chicagoans dyed their river green – just like Saint Patrick intended.

Here's what NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour crew was paying attention to — and what you should check out this weekend.

X-Ray Vision

/ Crooked Media
Crooked Media

So I am a podcast girl. And most of the podcasts I listen to are about pop culture – specifically the nerdy part of pop culture.

Right now, I am really digging the podcast X-Ray Vision. It's from Crooked Media and just super fun. It's hosted by the amazing Jason Concepcion and co-hosted by Cody Ziglar and my girl Rosie Knight. X-Ray Vision is perfect if you're into, like the Marvel and DC animated canon, and want to listen to jovial people with deep, deep, deep knowledge on the subject discuss casting or show lore. It's brought a lot of levity to my day, and I would highly recommend it. —Joelle Monique

Man Seeking Woman

I've been watching Man Seeking Woman with my boyfriend. It's been our 'chill show' lately, and I'm really sad that I missed its original run because it is so funny, it's so cute and it's so quick. It follows Josh Greenberg, who's in his late twenties. His long-term girlfriend Maggie has dumped him, and he's struggling with the struggles and awkwardness of dating. But what I love is that even though the show's focus is on a man trying to find love, it branches out and gives the women on the show their own storylines that are really funny and cool. It's on Hulu and it's perfect if you're looking for a chill show to watch. —Jourdain Searles

Dua Lipa, Megan Thee Stallion x Cherrelle 'Saturday Pie (Mashup)'

Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa have a new song out called "Sweetest Pie," and I love it. It's amazing, andthe music video is great. But what I love even more than "Sweetest Pie" is a mashup of "Sweetest Pie" with one of my favorite 80s pop R&B songs, which is Cherrelle and Alexander O'Neal's "Saturday Love" — the mashup is called "Saturday Pie."

The DJ who put it together is Jimir Reece Davis, who goes by amorphous. You might have heard of him — he's like the king of mashups right now. He put out a song last year called 'SUNSHINE (THE LIGHT),' that featured Fat Joe and mashed up "Kiss It Better" by Rihanna with "Never Too Much" by Luther Vandross. And this "Saturday Pie" mashup — I mean, I'm just obsessed with it. —Aisha Harris

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Joelle Monique
Jourdain Searles
Aisha Harris is a host of Pop Culture Happy Hour.
Fi O'Reilly Sánchez
Fi O'Reilly is a production assistant for Alt.Latino.