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New Science Outreach Initiative, STEMzone, to Debut During this Weekend's Football Game


A group of scientists are hoping to engage football-goers on their way to Sanford Stadium this weekend. 

STEMzone is new initiative focused on connecting UGA football fans to science. 
Reni Kaul is a UGA graduate student and the founder of STEMzone.  
“There’s a handful of Saturdays out of the year where all of the UGA fans descend on the campus and enjoy the football game. But there’s a lot of other resources that they might not be aware of,” said Kaul. “And so, STEMzone is a way for scientists on the campus to talk about their research in a way that is available to the entire public.” 

And Kaul says there’s a little bit of science for everyone. 
“So on Saturday, we’ll have 13 different booths. And they range from booths that are talking about deep sea corals all the way to biopolymers,” said Kaul.  

STEMzone’s booths will be set up on the Miller Learning Center lawn from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. this Saturday, November 4th.
The event is open to all ages and family-friendly. More information can be found on STEMZone's Facebook page