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Athens Students Join in National Day of Action to Prevent Gun Violence in Schools

Photo courtesy Pat Priest

This Friday has been designated as a National Day of Action to Prevent Gun Violence in Schools. Athens students are among those taking part in a walkout around the nation to address gun violence. Daelynn White is a student at Clarke Central High School. The 16-year old is one of the organizers.

“It’s just normal for school shootings to happen now,” White said. “That’s not supposed to be normal, it’s not supposed to be normal ‘oh, check the exits, oh, we should have drills,’ that’s not normal. This is not a world that I want to live in where we have drills just in case we get shot. It’s not right.”

In addition, Cine is hosting a discussion featuring a panel of teens focusing on making Athens safer for everyone. Teens will share their stories from the Washington D.C. March for Our Lives, and ULEAD’s Peach Jam.

The Cine discussion is free and open to the public. It will take place at 5 pm Friday.