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Athens' Hugh Acheson Headliner at Upcoming Small Business Master Class

A renown Athens restaurant heavyweight is sharing his expertise. Chef, Restauranteur and Author, Hugh Acheson is speaking at the Small Business Master Class: Atlanta next week. The former Top Chef contestant and judge is sharing his take on the new importance of empathetic and understanding leadership.

“I just think it’s a new look at capitalism, and socially conscious and sustainable ways of conducting business, according to Acheson.”

He believes in training staffers well enough to be able to work elsewhere, but treating them well enough that they stay.

“I work in the restaurant business. It’s very low margin business so it’s hard to pay people a ton of money so we have to make it up for them, provide them a good safe work environment that’s understanding and is a good learning resource and empowering them with good responsibility.”

Acheson is the keynote speaker at the event. The Small Business Master Class is Tuesday, June 5th at Mason Fine Art & Events in Atlanta. For more information or tickets, visit www.cvent.com.