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Board of Elections Correcting Error on Absentee Ballots

Hundreds of Clarke County voters are in danger of not having all of their votes count. About 300 Athens-Clarke County voters have received incorrectly printed absentee ballots for the Nov. 6 general election, according to the Clarke County Board of Elections.

The error was on a part of the ballot listing the candidates for the District 46 seat in the Georgia State Senate — Republican incumbent Bill Cowsert and Democrat Marisue Hilliard.

The incorrect ballots, mailed about Sept. 19, also contained the name of a man who qualified as a write-in. The names of write-ins aren’t supposed to be printed on ballots. The Athens-Clarke County elections and voter registration office has sent out correct ballots to the affected voters along with instructions on how to cast the second ballot.

Those who have already turned in an incorrect absentee ballot, must complete the corrected ballot instead. Voters have until 7 pm election night to return the corrected ballots. If voters do not submit corrected ballots, the votes for the affected race will not be counted.

For more information, contact the Athens-Clarke County Board of Elections at 706-613-3150 or visit

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