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Elementary Students to Host Cellphone Donation Drive on Campus


Third-grade students from Clarke and Oconee County Schools are holding a cell phone collection campaign on Tuesday, March 19 which is aimed to raise awareness about the impact cell phones have on gorilla environments.

The students, who are part of the group Guardians of the Gorillas, hope to encourage the community to protect gorillas by being conscious consumers and recycling cell phones.

Students are hoping to collect 500 cell phones at the University of Georgia’s Tate Student Center, which is where the students will go for a field trip between 9:15 a.m. and noon.

The field trip to UGA is supported through a UGA Sustainability Grant and a UGA Office of Service-Learning support grant. The Guardians of the Gorillas will work with UGA faculty and staff to explore the hardware inside cell phones and learn more about what goes into recycling the components.

The elementary students will also receive tips from UGA Journalism faculty on how to talk to UGA students on campus about their cell phone recycling campaign, and how UGA students can get involved.

They will spend part of the day spreading the word on campus by distributing their zines which contain persuasive writing and artwork designed by the students for the purpose of raising awareness about their cause.

For more information about the Guardians of the Gorillas Project-Based Learning, visit the Guardians of the Gorillas Website.