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UGA Holds Annual Embracing Diversity Program


The University of Georgia held its annual Embracing Diversity event Thursday.

Professor Juanita Johnson-bailey was the keynote speaker. Members of the university community joined President Jere Morehead, Provost Jack Hu and Athletic Director Greg McGarity among others.

Michelle Cook is Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion.

“It’s an opportunity at the beginning of the year for us to say as a campus that we value diversity and inclusion,” Cook said.

Scholarships are also awarded to students during the event. This year the Athletic Association is awarding a $250,000 gift for additional scholarships.

Members of the Diversity Advisory Council were also recognized.

“What better opportunity to highlight and to make so clear our commitment to diversity and inclusion than to invite the Diversity Advisory Council members, to celebrate those like yourself, who are cycling off after years of service on that council, and to introduce the community to the current members. So that people are aware that there are folks around you and in your community, in units across campus, who are dedicating their time to making sure that the University of Georgia is a welcoming and inclusive place.”

The DAC is committed to inclusion, providing a welcoming campus culture and fostering environments supportive of the differences and seminaries of all people.

During the program, graduates of the Certificate of Diversity Inclusion program were recognized.