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Georgia Public Service Commission To Rule on Georgia Power’s Proposed Bill Hike

Georgia Power

The Georgia Public Service Commission will start receiving testimony beginning Monday morning, the first of three PSC hearings, about Georgia Power’s proposed bill hike.


The hearing will conclude Wednesday, after receiving public comment.


WHEN: Monday, Sept. 30, 9 a.m.
WHERE: Georgia Public Service Commission, 244 Washington St,, SW, Atlanta Ga., 30334
LIVESTREAM: https://livestream.com/psc




Georgia Power’s proposal is set to impact millions of customers throughout the state with higher bills through a combination of higher rates and a higher mandatory monthly fee. A diverse coalition of groups representing consumer, business, equity and environmental interests have proclaimed opposition to the fee hike, pointing out that shifting more of the bill into mandatory fees results in:

  1. Customers’ loss of some of their ability to control their energy costs by using less energy
  2. Equity issues since customers who use the least amount of energy would be burdened with the largest negative proportional economic impacts — often seniors and working families earning lower incomes
  3. Environmental setbacks since the dampened economic incentive to reduce energy use, means discouraging energy conservation, energy efficiency and customer-owned solar

The groups encourage Georgia Power customers to learn more and speak up against the fee hike at NoFeeHike.com.

Groups will rally to show opposition to the fee hike on Monday afternoon across the street from the PSC from 4-6 p.m.


In a press release from the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, the PSC says it is "tasked with ensuring reasonable electric rates for customers, will take the testimony presented at the hearing next week, as well as at the hearings scheduled for November and give a final determination by mid-December on if and how much of Georgia Power’s request will be granted."

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