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Record Growth for Number of Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Georgia in 2019


The number of Public Electric Charging Stations increased dramatically in in Georgia in 2019. That’s according to California-based electric vehicle or EV, Research firm PlugShare.

According to the company’s research, in 2019, the number of publically available electric vehicle charging stations increased 29% above the combined total for 2011 through 2018.


That’s the largest increase since EVs were first reintroduced into the market in 2011. A record 650 new stations were added this year, bringing the total through 2019 to 2, 897 statewide.

PlugShare says the increase is significant because more charging stations mean more drivers can travel without fear of running out of power before reaching their destinations.

The EV industry refers to that phenomenon as “range anxiety.”

Athens has 42 stations.

Visit PlugShare.com for more information or here to see a map of the charging locations.