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District 5 Commissioner Tim Denson On TADs Community Input


The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government is seeking public input through July 5th about uses for funds generated in proposed Tax Allocation Districts, known as TADs. 

TADs are redevelopment tools that use funds generated by increased property taxes to invest in development projects within the same TAD. 5th District Commissioner Tim Denson says the commission needs community input to make informed decisions.

“First and foremost, we just want to know, do you think this is a good idea to be moving forward with and if so, where would you like those Tax Allocation Districts to be? And also I think the third component is, what would you like that revenue spent on, what kind of infrastructure would you like to see created with that revenue?” Denson stated.


The public input tool can be located at the ACC Government website. 


Proposed TAD locations and projects will need to be approved by the mayor and commission and then sent to the state government for final approval.