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Study: Georgia Is 2021’s 2nd Least Vaccinated State


Much attention has been devoted to Georgia’s lagging COVID-19 vaccine rates, but according to a recent study, the population in the Peach is one of the least vaccinated in the nation. That’s according to a report from the personal finance website WalletHub. Analyst Jill Gonzalez.


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 “So vaccinations are obviously some of the most valuable contributions to modern medicine," according to Gonzalez.


“We’re looking at not only into states that are better than other when it comes to vaccinating in general, but also specifically looking into the COVID-19 vaccinations as well. So this study looks at 17 different metrics to share of vaccination children to share of people without health insurance to the presence of reported outbreaks, and right now Georgia ranks the second lowest when it comes to vaccination rate.” 


Gonzalez says that low vaccination rate doesn’t just apply to covid.  


“Even for things like flu shots, Georgia ranks in the bottom five, for things like the adults with tetanus vaccines and zoster vaccines, Georgia ranks particularly low. And just looking at those without health insurance coverage, Georgia ranks the fourth lowest.”  

Massachusetts was the most vaccinated state, while Mississippi came in last, behind Georgia. 

To view the entire list of 2021’s States that Vaccinate the Most, visit WalletHub.com.  

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