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Environment Georgia’s ‘Trouble in the Air Report’

Millions of Georgians experienced dozens of dirty air days in 2020.

That’s according to recent report from Environment Georgia Research and Policy Center and the Frontier Group. Jessica Wahl is the Clean Energy Associate with Environment Georgia.

“This report showed that millions of Americans and also millions of Georgians, breathed polluted air for many, many days out of the year and that air pollution has serious health consequences.”  

And those health consequences can be significant.

“Exposure to ozone and particulate matter pollution has been linked to premature death, it damages our respiratory and cardiovascular system, it can even worsen our mental health and neuro functioning, and it’s also related to problems with fertility, conception and pregnancy,” according to Wahl. “It increases the risk many types of cancer, it also especially harms children.”   

Wahl says 7.6 million Georgia residents experienced over 65 days of particulate matter and ozone pollution. Augusta-Richmond fared worst with 101 days. Athens had 54 days of elevated pollution levels. She says transition to clean energy will make air cleaner and reduce emissions.

Athens has made significant progress when it comes to water, with the Classic City making it to the Georgia Water Coalition’s Clean 13 report as a clean water hero.

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