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Crossover Day in Atlanta puts some bills' future in jeopardy


Today marks day 28 of the 40-day session of the Georgia General Assembly, a crucial day for proposed legislation. Under the rules, a bill must pass at least one chamber – either the House or the Senate – by the end of the day in order to have a chance of becoming law this year. That means a flurry of activity for legislators and a workday that can often drag on late into the night as lawmakers scramble to get legislation passed. The bills whose future is in question today include a pay raise for state legislators, a bill allowing the State Elections Board to accept private donations for election administration and reforms to campaign fundraising.

Many of the most high-profile proposals have already passed at least one chamber, meaning they are on track for a final vote and Governor Brian Kemp’s signature if they pass. Those bills include a ban on transgender student athletes playing on the teams which match their gender identity, the elimination of background checks to carry a gun in public, and a measure to ban the teaching of so-called “divisive concepts” about race in public schools.