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Warnock speaks to young voters from the UGA Chapel

Isabela Weiss

A large crowd of mostly students packed the UGA Chapel to hear incumbent Reverend Senator Raphael Warnock deliver a promise from the podium to increase financial aid benefits.

Warnock appealed to students’ economic concerns by talking about his struggle to afford a college education and how government programs eased his burden.

While Pell Grants helped the senator afford college in his twenties, Warnock says he now wants to look toward the future of what financial aid can become.

After outlining what legislation he intends to push if reelected, Warnock turned to what he says he’s accomplished during his tenure as the first Black senator from Georgia, including the appointment of the first Black woman on the US Supreme Court.

Recent polling by the University of Georgia on behalf of the Georgia News Collaborative shows Warnock with a slight lead over opponent Herschel Walker.