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UGA professors Hirt and Herod receive Guggenheim Fellowships

Two University of Georgia professors won the 2023 Guggenheim Fellowship, an award given to promising scientists, artists, and writers across the U.S. and Canada.

Since 1925, the Guggenheim Fellowship has awarded academics and creatives for innovative thinking across numerous fields. UGA’s two winners, Dr. Andrew Herod and Dr. Sonia Hirt, are among 171 awardees from 48 fields.

Herod is a Distinguished Research Professor of Geography at UGA’s College of Arts and Sciences. His research centers around the economic geography of capitalism and globalization. Herod plans to use the Guggenheim Fellowship to fund research about the U.S. and international poultry industry. He plans to publish his findings in his upcoming book, Chicken: A Geographical Political Economy.

Dr. Sonia Hirt is the Dean of UGA’s College of Environment and Design and a Hughes Professor in Landscape Architecture and Planning. She studies the effects of social and cultural values on urban development, focusing on equity and sustainability. She plans to use the Guggenheim Fellowship to investigate U.S. cities’ spatial design and to continue work on her sixth book, America’s Hurry: Making Sense of Time and Space in My Adopted Country.

The Guggenheim Fellowship receives around 3,000 applications per year, according to their website. About 6 percent of applications are accepted.

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