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Board of Regents OKs $10.7 billion budget

The Georgia Board of Regents has approved a $10.71 billion budget for the next fiscal year for the state’s 26 public institutions.

That includes $1.77 billion for the University of Georgia providing funds for education and general funds, for auxiliary enterprises like housing, food and athletics, for student activities and $57 million in capital expenses.

Of the more than $10 billion dollar total budget, the state’s four public research universities, UGA, Georgia Tech, Georgia State and Augusta receive over 50% of total funding.

Despite $66 million in cuts made by the Georgia Legislature, regents voted in May to keep tuition steady at 25 of the 26 institutions. Middle Georgia State University saw a modest tuition increase of $19 per credit hour for in-state students and $66 per credit hour for out of state students.