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Imposter scam targeting faith-based communities by posing as religious leaders

Giorgio Trovato

Attorney General Chris Carr is warning Georgians of an imposter scam targeting faith-based communities in which fraudsters pose as religious leaders to try to trick congregants into sending them money. There are different variations to these imposter scams.

In one version, scammers set up Gmail accounts that display the actual name of a rabbi, priest, pastor, or e-mam. The fraudster then emails the members of the congregation asking for emergency donations to help someone in need. In another version, scammers pose as real religious leaders and send texts or emails to congregants requesting they send money via gift cards.

Carr’s office urges victims to report the fraud as soon as they become aware of a scam. Immediately contact the appropriate financial provider, money transfer company, gift card provider, and your local police department.

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