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Democratic Leaders Urge Gov. Kemp to Expand Medicaid Amid Enrollment Shortfall

Caiaimage/Sam Edwards
Getty Images

Democratic legislative leaders renewed their call for Gov. Brian Kemp to fully expand Medicaid coverage in Georgia, citing a report last week that few Georgians have enrolled in the governor’s limited Medicaid expansion program.

The state Department of Community Health had predicted Kemp’s Pathways to Coverage program would eventually serve up to 345,000 uninsured Georgians, including an estimated 100,000 during its first year. But nearly four months after the program was launched, only about 1,300 have signed up for coverage.

The governor opposes full Medicaid expansion, arguing such a program would not be sustainable in the long term because there’s no guarantee the feds would continue to keep the money flowing, which could leave states holding the bag.

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