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UGA President Jere Morehead Talks NCAA, NIL, and CFP

According to Sports Business Journal, Georgia President Jere Morehead, influential in college athletics, discussed key issues at IAF. Highlights include support for NCAA subdivision ideas, addressing challenges in NIL, emphasizing the need for transparency.

“We have got to figure out a solution to what's happening within NIL. ... We have to recognize the lack of transparency, the stories that circulate about why student-athletes enter the transfer portal and what they've been promised. That is not how NIL started when I was on the NCAA committee that first started looking at NIL. So, I think we've got to figure out a solution. I'm not sure we can solve that at the NCAA level. I think Congress is going to have to be involved in that discussion, but we've got to look for a solution to stories like a transfer quarterback being paid a million dollars to go to another school. That's not what NIL was ever intended to be.”

He stressed coordination among SEC and Big Ten commissioners and expressed a preference for a smaller, eight-team CFP expansion over twelve teams, opposing early-round playoff games on campuses.

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