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Athens Ranks Fifth Nationally as a Top Destination for Gen Z Migration in 2022

Athens has been named a top place for Gen Z to move. SmartAssett ranked the city fifth in the nation, as a location where 18-24 year olds moved in 2022. Just over 22,000 moved to the Classic City that year.

The study used data from the U.S. Census Bureau 1-Year American Community Survey included 268 cities that had available data and a population of at least 100,000. The presence of the University of Georgia was a major factor in the appeal to those in the Gen Z age range.

In fact, all of the top 20 cities on the list were home to major universities, including four Southeastern Conference college towns among the top 10. Overall, Ann Arbor Michigan ranked first, followed by Provo Utah, Boulder Colorado, College Station Tex, and then Athens.

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