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UGA Releases Optimistic Data on Student Retention and Degree Completion

UGA Libraries

The University of Georgia has released optimistic data on student retention and degree completion for 2023.

The University of Georgia has released new data showing that nearly 95% of first-time freshmen remained at the school for their second year of college education in 2023.

This year’s data also suggests that while three-quarters of students graduate within four years, 88% of students graduate within six. UGA outperforms its peers in retention and completion rates.

The university credits several initiatives with its success in keeping students enrolled, including the Connect and Complete program, which uses data to contact and support students at risk for early withdrawal. The university also attributes its success to a well-being initiative aimed at bolstering student mental health.

According to UGA’s Office of Institutional Research, the university’s enrollment also reached an all-time high this year, at over forty-one thousand students this fall.

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