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Bipartisan Outcry as Congresswoman and State Senators Face Dangerous and Deceptive 911 Calls

Getty Images/Vetta

A Georgia congresswoman and at least four state senators have been targeted recently by individuals calling 911 with fake emergency calls, a practice known as swatting. The group included U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, State senators Clint Dixon, Kim Jackson, Kay Kirkpatrick, and John Albers….a group that includes both Republicans and Democrats.

In one instance, the caller claimed he had killed his girlfriend who was holding her lover hostage, and had given a senator’s address. Another reported a hostage being held. Nationwide, several swatting incidents were reported last week at the homes of officeholders in New York State, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Nebraska.

State House Speaker Jon Burns called the attacks “shameful, dangerous, and reprehensible,” and he vowed to examine the issue for possible legislative action.

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