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Ossoff proposing measures to safeguard election workers

Senator Jon Ossoff is proposing measures to safeguard election workers from violence and harassment through the Election Worker and Polling Place Protection Act. The bill seeks to broaden protections for those involved in administering America's elections, including volunteers, and prevent any damage to election infrastructure aimed at disrupting the electoral process.

During a U.S. Senate Rules Committee hearing, Senator Ossof noted the bills provision for criminal penalties against threats of violence targeting voters or election officials. He also engaged with state and local election authorities on the impact of such threats on voter turnout and election integrity.

In addition to this effort, Senator Ossoff introduced the Right to Vote Act, aiming to establish a statutory right to vote in Federal elections and enable legal challenges against policies restricting ballot access. He also joined efforts to revive the John R. Lewis Voting Advancement Act and advocated for modernizing through a General Services Administration inquiry. Additionally, he pushed for increased funding in the FY25 budget to enhance election administration and security, and co-introduced the Ban Corporate PACs Act earlier this year.