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Georgia Attorney General joins effort to block Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan

Office of the Attorney General

Georgia has joined a coalition of states that are attempting to block a new federal student loan forgiveness plan proposed by the Biden administration.

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr filed a suit on Tuesday with seven other state attorney generals against President Biden’s newly announced student loan cancellation plan that could impact 30 million Americans.

Carr said in a statement that Georgia taxpayers feel that it’s wrong to be forced to pay off other people’s student loans and called the plan “lawless.”

“This is election-year politics and an egregious example of federal overreach,” said Carr. “We’re fighting back yet again.”

The Supreme Court rejected Biden’s first attempt at student loan cancellation last June. The ruling said that the Biden administration overstepped its authority with the plan by not receiving an endorsement from Congress for the $400 billion plan.

Biden’s new plan uses a different approach through the Higher Education Act and has a narrower view on what categories of borrowers are eligible for repayment.

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