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Savannah to require guns left in empty vehicles be securely stored to cut down on gun thefts

Coastal Georgia’s largest city will require guns left in empty vehicles be securely stored, an effort that Savannah Mayor Van Johnson says is meant to cut down on gun thefts from unlocked cars. The ordinance passed Thursday will also require people to report gun thefts to police within 24 hours. City officials plan to begin enforcement after a 90-day educational campaign. The move is part of a focus by gun control advocates on keeping guns secured.

They unsuccessfully pushed in Georgia’s legislative session earlier this year to give people a $300 state income tax credit to pay for gun locks, gun safes and safety classes. The focus on safety partly reflects that more restrictive measures are blocked because Georgia’s state government is controlled by Republicans and because recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings have left many gun control measures on shaky legal footing.

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