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This week marks the 146th birthday of Lee de Forest, the self-proclaimed “Father of Radio.” He conducted some of the first radio broadcasts and invented the vacuum tube, but he was also involved in more than one stock fraud and replicated several of his rivals’ devices.

Listen as Alexia Ridley and Chris Shupe break down the story of one of America’s more controversial inventors.

For another view of the issues surrounding gun violence, Alexia Ridley speaks with Shannon Lawhon, leader of the Georgia Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and Ivan Ingerman, founder of Keep the G Gun Free, about what needs to change with gun laws in America.

The Centers for Disease Control says that, in 2017, about 14% of Americans smoked, including about 10% of college aged students. Those numbers are declining, but public health professionals are working to shrink them even further.

Alexia Ridley speaks with Kay Brooks, a director of the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences program at the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy, about tobacco cessation efforts at UGA.

Here are some highlights from the Athens Area Habitat for Humanity/WUGA Housing Code Hack, held at the Athens-Clarke County Library earlier this week. The hack addressed Athens’ affordable housing crisis – the city lacks sufficient housing, and the housing that does exist is too expensive for many.

We hear from Habitat Executive Director Spencer Frye, Mayor Kelly Girtz, builder Michael Songster, ACC Commissioner Ovita Thornton and civil engineer Jon Williams. The entire forum will be broadcast on a special edition of Athens News Matters next Friday and Sunday at our usual time.

This week on Athens News Matters, hear highlights from the Athens Area Habitat for Humanity/WUGA Housing Code Hack as well as reports on Project Might, the UGA College of Pharmacy’s tobacco cessation efforts and issues surrounding gun violence. Finally, hear a report on the Georgia Museum of Art’s WPA exhibit and the story of the “Father of Radio.”