Chris Shupe

Program Director

Ways to Connect

In 1996 the Olympic games were awarded to Atlanta, but with limited facilities the Atlanta Olympic Committee had included Athens in the plan for hosting several events, including Men and Women's Soccer, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Men and Women's Volleyball. In the first of a 3 part series our Athenia Team talks to some of those directly involved with those events, about specific memories from more than 20 years ago.

Radio Athenia's Lauren Baggett looks at the legendary music scene here in Athens and whether its still living up to the hype in 2016! She speaks with Mike McDonald of the band, Family and Friends.

Funding for Zika

May 22, 2016

Radio Athenia's Tara Bracken discusses the importance of funding for combating the mosquito transmitted Zika virus, with UGA experts in the field.

Athenia's Tara Bracken was on site for an open house at UGA's Vet School recently. There she found a wealth of willing participants to answer the age old question, "whatta ya want to be when you grow up?" Kids and animals, radio gold!

Do you know where your food comes from? That's the question Radio Athenia's Jenny Alpaugh was seeking in this segment. She talks to Real Food UGA, an organization looking to bring awareness to local farming and true farm to table products here in Athens, GA.