Jessica Wurst

Assistant Producer/Athens News Matters

It’s anyone’s guess when our lifestyles return to normal, but it’s a safe bet that sometime, we’ll be back to dining in restaurants, going to concerts, and meeting friends for drinks. Once social distancing restrictions are lifted, how long could it take to reboot the local service economy?

Humankind has been using medicinal plants and herbs for time immemorial, and even in the age of giant labs and synthetic chemicals, some say they still have a place in our overall health. 

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Many college students struggle with math classes, but the University of Georgia math department is working to cut down the number of students who drop or fail math classes.

Commercial air service in Athens has come and gone several times over the decades, but a consortium of business and community leaders are trying once again to attract a national carrier to Ben Epps airport. 

Jessica Wurst

Art is more than just paintings and sculpture —  it can be anything, even objects we use every day. The Georgia Museum of Art has an exhibition of these material objects with artistic merit.

The Georgia Museum of Art is a financial supporter of WUGA.