Jessica Wurst

Assistant Producer/Athens News Matters

Last week, Athens-Clarke County Commissioners passed a resolution that would take the first steps towards creating a legal encampment for ACC’s homeless population.

Our government reporter Jessica Wurst talks about what else the resolution does and how it could affect the commu

After months of discussions and a two-week delay, the $271.5 million-dollar Fiscal Year 2022 Budget and a millage rate of 13.7 mills were adopted by local officials this past Tuesday.

Athens-Clarke County Mayor Kelly Girtz joins us to talk about the recently-passed county budget, the county’s plateauing vaccination rates, and his plans for a second term.

Athens-Clarke County commissioners passed a resolution addressing homelessness in Athens during a special session on Tuesday, but it wasn't without opposition from some local officials.

Spearheaded by commissioners Mariah Parker and Jesse Houle, the Resolution to Address Homelessness with Immediacy and Strategic Planning directs county staff to find a location for a legal encampment for homeless Athenians​, and to begin developing a plan to develop and manage the site.

The Clarke County Board of Education passed this year's budget and adopted a revised teacher evaluation policy.

Board of education members unanimously approved the $171 million budget for the 2022 fiscal year as well as a millage rate of 20 mills--same as last year. A point of contention, however, was the revision of the district's teacher evaluation policy, which needed to be passed by the end of the month to comply with a new state law that takes effect on July 1st.

It’s 11PM on Saturday, April 24th. The rain that had been falling most of the day has blown through, and that’s good news.

After hours of planning, mapping, and scheduling, April 25th is almost here: the day that the nearly twenty-year-old Georgia record for a birding Big Day would be broken.

“I was too excited to actually fall asleep, but I tried to try to lay down and at least rest before it started,” said Josiah Lavender, a rising junior at the University of Georgia.