Megan Wahn

Assistant Producer/Athens News Matters

ACC Commissioner Allison Wright (D4) joins us to talk about the public health situation in Athens, the economic recovery, and the continuing work on the city’s budget.

Clarke County School District

A lot can happen over the course of a year, something that the staff, administrators and teachers in the Clarke County School District know all too well. This time last year, Clarke County schools were feeling their way around the uncharted territory of mass virtual learning. Now, CCSD is in its final phase of returning to in-person class instruction and has held mass COVID vaccinations for its teachers and staff. But what exactly has it taken to get here?

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp today signed a sweeping state income tax cut into law. House Bill 593 would take effect on January 1st. This tax cut will increase the standard deduction from $4,600 to $5,400 for individuals, and from $6,000 to $7,100 for married couples. The governor previously expressed hesitancy over the proposed bill, which passed unanimously in the House, citing concerns it could threaten federal funds although the U.S. Treasury has since stated it won’t.

Athens News Matters: Hull Mayor

Mar 19, 2021

Mayor Paul Walton of Hull, GA joins Alexia Ridley to talk about the challenges facing smaller communities during the pandemic, and what it’s like being the first Black mayor of his community.

While Athens is a music town primarily known for its rock music, it also has a steadily thriving hip-hop scene and an upcoming virtual event hosted by the American Constitution Society will explore how rap artists are targeted in the legal system.

This upcoming Wednesday night, the ACS will host a panel featuring community leaders such as Mariah Parker and Montu Miller to discuss the criminalization of Black culture and creative expression, specifically rap musicians.