Megan Wahn

Assistant Producer/Athens News Matters

Since its creation in 2019, the website Athens Politics Nerd has been a go-to source for local politics and news.

Now, editor Chris Dowd is taking on an even bigger project – a 20-part history of banking in the US.

The usually low-profile position of the county auditor has been thrust into the spotlight lately after a press conference from current auditor Stephanie Maddox alleging bullying and intimidation from her superiors. But what does the Auditor actually do?

While instances of street harassment statistically aren't likely to escalate to a sexual assault, that doesn't make such encounters any less violating and frightening for women. We'll explore the different forms street harassment takes and what exactly women can do to de-escalate the situation.

A June 2nd update on COVID-19 numbers from the Athens Clarke County government shows there has been an increase of 9 positive cases from Wednesday, May 26, and that, as of June 1st, 31.7% of ACC residents were vaccinated.

While there is an increase in cases, there have not been any deaths in the last week. Overall, this brings the case average to 1.3 in the last seven days, a dip from the previous week’s 3.4 average.

B.J. Armstead, a graduate student from Atlanta, has founded a sports counseling nonprofit that aims to educate young athletes on mental health. 

BJ graduated top of the class for UGA social work and won student of the year. He will be attending The University of Tennessee Knoxville to earn his Doctorate in Sport Psychology in the fall.