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Georgia’s 2021 legislative session began earlier this week with many pre-proposed bills and a variety of other topics to address -- including police reform, voting laws, and recent concerns over the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines as cases continue to rise in Georgia. WUGA recently spoke with state representative Spencer Frye about what’s in store for the Georgia General Assembly, and how the state should handle vaccine roll-out.

Even with a vaccine in distribution, it could still be months – or even longer – before enclosed spaces like movie theaters are safe. Film distributors have pivoted to streaming, even for big-budget titles, so does that mean bad news in the long term for theaters?

As 2020 came to a close on December 31, so too did early voting for the Georgia runoff election. WUGA’s Megan Wahn with the advanced voting numbers for Athens Clarke County.

About 39.9% of registered voters in Athens Clarke County have cast their ballots for the Georgia runoff ahead of the January 5 election day, according to Georgia About 13,609 ballots were mail-in, while 18,756 were cast in person - in total accounting for about 32,365 votes. This is about 7% below and 5,000 votes under the early voting totals in ACC for the November 3 election.

Photo: Georgia Public Broadcasting

As of this afternoon, 16,245 Athens-Clarke County residents have voted in advance for the Georgia runoff election, accounting for about 20% of the 81,090 registered voters in the area, according to

Of that 16,245 total, 5,865 people have voted by mail while 10,380 have voted early in-person over the last week and a half. A data visual from GPB reporter, Stephen Fowler, shows that turnout for most precincts fall between around 14% to 23%, with highest turnout at Whit Davis Elementary School (30.04%) and Chase Street Elementary School (32.91%).


According to, nearly 1,332 Athens residents have cast their ballots at the polls in advance following the first day of in-person early voting for the Georgia Senate runoff election. This accounts for about 1 percent of the 81,090 individuals in the county that are registered to vote.

Georgia Votes also states that 15,298 absentee ballots have been requested.

The last day to vote early is December 31, which is also the last day to request an absentee ballot.