Robin Whetstone

Operations Assistant/Host

Robin Whetstone is a local writer and storyteller who loves Athens, cats, and podcasts. She came to WUGA in 2018 to serves as our Operations Assistant, checking programs for broadcast and assisting the Operations Director with day-to-day scheduling and technical processes.

Historians and activists hoping for access to grand jury testimony related to Walton County’s unsolved Moore's Ford lynching did not get the progress they were hoping for.

Do a quick internet search for vultures, and you’ll see phrases like “kings of the dead,” “gourmet of corpses,” and my favorite – “acid-puking, plague-busting heroes of the ecosystem.”

Even many vulture fans admit – they’re a little, well, gross. But that didn’t stop WUGA’s Robin Whetstone from spending some time hanging out with vultures and their human defenders.

Having a criminal charge on your record can be a hurdle to finding a job, borrowing money, and even finding a place to live. Some people who have a criminal charge in their past can get past that hurdle by having their record restricted (formerly known as expungement).


The pandemic has had a huge impact on Athens’ thriving performing arts community. Jeffrey Martin, Director of the University of Georgia Performing Arts Center, sat down with WUGA's Robin Whetstone to talk about the pandemic and the PAC’s plans to reopen