African Perspectives for February 21, 2021

Feb 23, 2021

The penultimate show in February continues our month-long commemoration of Black History month (BHM), the celebration of the achievements and survival of Africans in America.

The episode presents the return of a feature on the show, African Ethnic Journey now as a quarterly special. On these quarterly specials, we will be discussing specific African ethnic group either on the continent or in the diaspora. The return of this feature for the first quarter on this episode focuses on African Americans in North America.

In addition, the episode features the announcement of the three questions for the Black History Month African music CD give-away contest. Listeners that correctly answer the three questions on Black Athens will win the 2006 collection, “Africa is Calling.” Entries can be submitted via email or text to the competition, which is open until Saturday, February 27.

Winners are to be announced on the first show in March.

As always, the episode featured selected enjoyable music from Africa and/or by Africans including selected tunes from the collections, Smooth Africa and Kings of African Music.

Playlist for February 21: Album: Smooth Africa (2000) Artist: Various Artists Tracks: 1) Point of View 2) Smooth Africa

Album: Black Reign (1994) Artist: Queen Latifah Tracks: 1) Weekend Love

Album: Gigi Artist: Gigi Tracks: 1) Kahn 2) Adwa 3) Zomaye

Album: Kings of African Music (1997) Artist: Various Artistes Tracks: 1) Set 2) Zing Zong 3) Kaokolorobo (Extra track)