African Perspectives for March 21, 2021

Mar 22, 2021

This third episode in March continues our month-long celebration of the contributions of women in this society and across the World during the Women’s History Month (WHM). Presented as a special dedication to all the female listeners of the show, the episode turns our attention to the times and music of one of Africa’s rising female artistes, the new Mama Africa, Yemi Alade of Nigeria. The episode also provides some news updates from South Africa and Nigeria including the sudden death in South Africa of Zimbabwean actress and TV star, Anne Nhira and the activities of All African Music Awards (AFRIMA), in solidarity with the United Nation’s International Women’s Day 2021. The show ends with announcements of various Africa focused activities on campus as well as some WHM activities organized by the UGA Institute of Women’s Studies.  As always, the episode featured selected enjoyable music from Africa and/or by Africans including selected tunes from the old and new Mama Africa,  Nigeria’s Yemi Alade and South Africa’s Mariam Makeba.  


Playlist for March 21:   

Album:           Women of Steel (2019)   

Artist:             Yemi Alade     

Tracks:           1) Shekere (featuring Angelique Kidjo)  

                        2) Yeba 

3) Home  


Album:           Mama Africa (Diary of an African Woman (2016)   

Artist:             Yemi Alade     

Tracks:           1) Africa (featuring Sauti Sol)  

                        2) Nago de (featuring Selebobo)  

                        3) Mama 


Album:            Reflections (2004)  

Artist:              Mariam Makeba  

Tracks:                         1) Click Song 

                        2) I Shall sing  

                        3) Iya Guduza (Extra track)