Athens News Matters: The Moore's Ford Lynching Grand Jury Testimony Remains Sealed

The young victims from the Moore's Ford lynching - from the left: May and George Dorsey, Roger and Dorothy Malcom

Historians and activists hoping for access to grand jury testimony related to Walton County’s unsolved Moore's Ford lynching did not get the progress they were hoping for.

This historical marker was erected in 1999 and is widely accepted as the first historical marker recognizing a lynching in Georgia.

The Moore's Ford lynching occured on July 25, 1946 near the Moore's Ford Bridge outside of Monroe, Georgia. An unmasked white mob brutally tortured and murdered four young black people - George Dorsey and his wife Mae Murray Dorsey along with Roger Malcom and his wife Dorothy Dorsey Malcom who was 7 months pregnant. This tragedy is considered to be the last mass lynching in America and remains unsolved to this day. 

GPB’s Grant Blankenship talks about the latest developments in a 75-year-old tragedy.