Athens StoryCorps: Suzanne and Howard Sugiuchi

Feb 21, 2019

Deirdre, Howard and Suzanne Sugiuchi
Credit Photo:StoryCorps

Love has proven it can grow even out of unlikely and challenging circumstances. This was certainly true for Suzanne and Howard Sugiuchi. Suzanne, a middle-class white woman from Natchez, Mississippi and Howard, a Japanese-American immigrant, met at a point in time when it was illegal for them to get married in the state of Mississippi. In this conversation, their daughter-in-law Deirdre asks them about how they met each other and married despite the obstacles. StoryCorps Athens stories were recorded locally at the StoryCorps mobile booth at the Athens-Clarke County Library in the Fall of 2018. StoryCorps is part of a national initiative to record and preserve the stories of everyday people.