Clarke County Board of Education wrangles over teacher evaluation policy

Jun 4, 2021

Members of the Clarke County Board of Education tussled over a proposal yesterday that would change the current policy on teacher evaluations. The change is required because of a change in state law.

Teachers requested changes to the policy that included an external reviewer option and a third level of appeal that includes the board. Some board members had concerns about a third level appeal and if it would happen often, as well as if it was appropriate to include the board, while others agreed that the new process would protect not only the teachers but also the district. The policy must be voted on by the end of the month, in order to have it in place before a new state law takes effect on July 1.

The school board also held a final hearing on the district’s proposed upcoming budget. No members of the public weighed in on the proposal, which is expected to pass at the next meeting on June 10th. A revision to the board’s public input policy, which opponents say would restrict the ability of the public to comment was postponed.