Georgia in top 15 on list of Hardest Working States

Sep 2, 2020


Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Americans were working an average of 1,800 hours per year, that’s about 390 hours more a year than Germans work, but about 360 fewer hours than Mexicans work. The personal finance website, WalletHub created a report on 2020’s Hardest Working States in America. 

“It’s not necessarily that the more hours your put in, the more productive you are.”  

That’s according to Jill Gonzalez, an analyst with WalletHub. 

According the report, Georgia is in the top 15 on that list. Good news for employers, since employees are working longer hours and taking less vacation time, not so much for employees. 

“In Georgia specifically, if people are having more than one job, generally, it’s because they need to. It’s because the income from their first job is not necessarily enough to keep up with the bills.” 

Gonzalez says complaints of longer work weeks are increasing during the pandemic, especially with fewer boundaries as people work from home. 

“I think now more than ever where a lot of our offices are our homes, we really need to create the mental boundaries as much as we can," Gonzalez said. "Whether that’s not working outside of your home office or not working outside certain hours. I think all of those things, being able to log off, are now more important than ever.” 

Factors studied include average work week hours, annual volunteer hours, share of workers with multiple jobs. 

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