How Georgians Can Prepare for Hurricane Season

Sep 13, 2018

Hurricane Florence’s leading edge battered the coast of the Carolinas today, bringing 105 mph winds and drenching rains. While Georgia will not experience a direct hit, forecasters say north Georgia could see rain and strong winds.

Alan Stewart, a professor in UGA’s College of Education, says people in north Georgia are often most worried about damage to home and property from wind or from flooding. He says finding a good source of information have help ease concerns.

“One of the best things to do is to stay apprised of where the storm is going, looking at the National Hurricane Center Website,” Stewart says.

Stewart says with so much information available before the storm hits, residents have time to prepare.

“The peak for the hurricane season September, so well ahead of that time, knowing what you might need if the power is out for an extended period of time,” Stewart says. “You know, are you on city water so that you can still get water even if you don’t have power for a short span of days?”

And he says it’s important to have some idea of what to do if you’re forced to evacuate.

“If a storm being so severe this far inland, as we are here in Athens, that you would need to evacuate, knowing where to go and knowing to avoid low-lying areas [is important].”

Staying current on the storm info a good source of information can help reduce stress and ease concerns.

Athens and north Georgia could see rain from Florence late Saturday or early Sunday.