Jackson EMC Temporarily Suspending Service Disconnections

Mar 26, 2020

Jackson EMC is extending its response plan to coronavirus. The company giving members a temporary reprieve when it comes to disconnections. April Sorrow is Director of Public Relations and Communication at the company.

‘We know that some of our members may be experiencing temporary financial hardships because of what’s happening with coronavirus and possibly closing down their place of employment temporarily,” according to Sorrow. “So what we’re doing at Jackson EMC is we’re suspending any service disconnections due to nonpayment through April 13, just to give our members more time to adjust to the financial situation.”

Members who need to make payment arrangements, including those affected by COVID-19, are asked to contact Jackson EMC at 1-800-462-3691.

“Of course, when it comes to disconnecting power for nonservice during this time, that is not something we want to do to any of our members.”

Members are encouraged to pay what they can to avoid a larger bill amount later.

“You now, right now I’m one of these employees who are working remotely from home, so we’re using more electricity at home so our bill might be a little higher than normal already,” Sorrow said. “And when the bill comes I am still going to owe that money to Jackson EMC, it’s just that that they’re giving me a little more time to come up with the money.”

Fees accrued during this time are still in place.