Oconee County Custodian Arrested, Accused of Recording Girls in Locker Room

Jan 11, 2018

A custodian accused of recording girls in a high school locker room has been arrested in Oconee County. 40-year old Timothy Burnette is charged with one count of Unlawful Eavesdropping or Surveillance.

Burnette is being held in the Oconee County Jail pending his first appearance before a judge.

Lee Weems is Chief Deputy at the Oconee Sheriff’s Office.

Timothy Burnette

“The school system notified us that two students had found a cell phone in a girls’ locker room that appeared to have been set up to take videos of female students," Weems said. "Investigators went to the scene and the owner of the phone was quickly identified. He placed under arrest by Oconee County Sheriff's Office investigators.”

He could be facing additional charges, including those at the federal level.

Weems says the GBI was notified and they executed a search warrant on Burnette’s home in Union Point.

“We will search that phone; we will make determinations of any further charges based on what we found on the phone. Should there be any transmission of any of these videos, those would then fall up under federal charge guidelines and the FBI and the U.S. attorney’s office would charge him federally."