Piedmont Athens Regional on Total Diversion Due to Rising Number of COVID-19 Cases

Sep 9, 2021

Credit redandblack.com

The region’s largest hospital was on total diversion as of midday today, as local healthcare infrastructure continues to struggle with the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

Shortly after noon, Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center reported its emergency department was overcrowded, and that the hospital was diverting all incoming traffic. St. Mary’s Hospital was accepting patients, although its emergency department was listed as busy according to the Georgia Coordinating Center.

Athens saw 45 new coronavirus cases reported yesterday, with over 1,300 reported cases in the past two weeks. Regionally, some 97 percent of ICU beds and 92 percent of inpatient beds were in use as of midnight. 

WUGA's Martin Matheny has the story: