Provost Hu Launches Task Force on Academic Excellence

Oct 7, 2019

Following a successful multi-year plan to enhance the undergraduate experience at UGA, Provost S. Jack Hu has now launched a task force to enhance academic excellence at UGA with an initial focus on graduate studies and research.

The task force consists of 23 faculty members and university administrators who will begin meeting biweekly to come up with a list of focus areas followed by a list of strategies to be implemented and metrics to track their success.

“Research and graduation education are engines of discovery and economic opportunity, and the goal of this task force is to accelerate the university’s positive momentum in these critical areas,” Hu stated.

The task force hopes to increase application rates for the master’s and PhD programs at UGA, and it will look for ways to further support PhD students in their research.

Ultimately, the Task Force on Academic Excellence will seek to create strategies that align with the university’s goals and to make the university recognized globally for its academic excellence.

For a full list of members of the task force, click here.