Public Service Commission Candidate John Noel Addressed UGA Young Democrats

Feb 7, 2018

John Noel
Credit Twitter

A candidate for the Public Service Commission addressed the Young Democrats of UGA this evening. John Noel says he’s running because the PSC needs representation from the people.

"And unfortunately the five commissioners, and I say that in unanimity, have sold us out. They are virtually at this point an appendage of the utility companies that they regulate. Georgia Power being one of the greater examples," said Noel.  

Noel has particular concerns about Plant Vogtle.


"Plant Vogtle is the 300 pound gorilla in the room. It is a boondoggle at this point. The costs have doubled. The timeline has doubled," he said.  


The Atlanta Democrat and former state lawmaker says Green Power is the way of the future.


"It is a hot bed of solar activity. In fact, Georgia right now, private sector growth in solar is really high," said Noel. "I think we're the eighth fastest growing solar economy in the country. There are thousands of jobs, in fact there are more solar jobs attached to solar power now than there are coal fire jobs" 


He says going green is now economically feasible in Georgia.


"First solar is cheaper than a coal plant," said Noel "Solar has now crossed a threshold of the cheapest new energy source in the world." 



Noel addressed the UGA group this evening at the 6:30 meeting.